Set up Postgresql under Ubuntu

Just install the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS  “the Lucid Lynx”, through Package Manager you can search “postgresql” and install 8.4.5 version. Then search “pgadmin” the GUI tool to manage the postgresql instead of command line. To connect the database, you need to set up a password for the default user “postgres”.  Follow theses commands:

  1. sudo -u postgres psql postgres (connect to database)
  2. \password postgres (change password)

Open pgadmin III


Eclipse Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine

  • Eclips:eclipse-jee-helios-SR1-win32
  • Java: jdk-6u16-windows-i586
  • OS: Windows XP sp3

The problem of my machine is the memory is not big enough. I have 3G memory (Still not big enough?!)

Modify the “eclipse.ini” file under the directory where your just zip out the eclipse. Change:

  • –launcher.XXMaxPermSize from 256M to 128M or other proper size
  • –launcher.XXMaxPermSize from 256m to 128m or other proper size